Protection Status Easy way to earn 1000 1000 per month from Google Adsense

Easy way to earn 1000 1000 per month from Google Adsense

 Google Adsense is the easiest way to earn money online. For this you need a website or YouTube channel or you have a mobile app. By monetizing them, Google will pay you through Google Advertisement.

Today we will discuss how to make a thousand dollars a month through the website.

There are also some restrictions on monetizing websites.

Google will give you a target like YouTube. You need to develop your website according to that target. Once you've met Google's targets, you'll need to apply to monetize your website.

If all goes well, Google will monetize your website.

How can we make the website suitable for Google Adsense?

We should know that Google only monetizes established sites.

There are many who apply after posting from 10 to 15 p.m. That's not right.

Today I will write some points step by step from the beginning to the end. If we follow these, we can easily get Google Adsense approval on Blogger.

1) We need to buy a custom domain.

2) Regular three to 4 hours to post.

3) The site needs to be customized properly. The links have to be placed properly.

4) Each post must be above one thousand words.

5) No copy can be posted.

6) Make sure that every post is indexed.

7) If you have 30 to 35 post index then you have to apply.

If we follow the above points, we can get Google Adsense.

Here's how we can make up to a thousand dollars a month from Google Adsense?

People call Adsense a golden deer. If you can use it properly, you can do a lot with it. You can earn more than one thousand dollars per month. For this you have to post regularly. You have to do SEO well.

Once your site ranks, you will be able to earn a lot of money from here.

Post about trending topics. This will give you more views

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