Protection Status The way Facebook ID is hacked!

The way Facebook ID is hacked!

 The way Facebook ID is hacked !

Facebook is currently the most popular means of communication. People who do not use Facebook are rarely found.

Many people are thinking about how to hack Facebook ID. It is better to think of creating a quantum computer without thinking of hacking Facebook.

Do not be discouraged again. The easiest way to hack a Facebook account is to fool the user. So let's not know how to fool the user.

How to hack a Facebook Account (How to hack a Facebook Account)

The first way, the easiest way to fool the user and hack is phishing attack. Now again, many people may wonder what is phishing? Then let's know 6.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is the act of stealing a user's username, password or debit or credit card information through online fraud.
If you give an example, you will understand better. Suppose the URL of Facebook is Now you take a domain to see that is often like Facebook.

Suppose you took Design the same login page as Facebook. Send the link to the person you are targeting in various ways through Facebook, e-mail or other means. He can see by clicking on the link that has taken him to the login page of Facebook. He will then login with a phone number or e-mail, password. This will allow your target person's e-mail password to enter your database and allow you access to their account.

Second, there are a number of scripts that can be used to run the victim's console to gain access to the account. I will not be able to share anything illegal or harmful according to different policies.
Ways to avoid Facebook ID hack
Many people are looking for ways to hack the Facebook ID of a friend or someone else. Just then the other side is looking for a way to escape from the hack .
So let's not know how to keep Facebook ID safe

Password: Never give an easy password on Facebook. Anyone else can guess or your phone number, date of birth, roll number. Never use these as passwords. Do not give the password of Facebook anywhere else. Never share with anyone. Use these symbols (@! # $% * &) To enter complex passwords. Use at least eight-digit passwords with uppercase letters.
Never give Facebook login information to any other site. When logging in, you must check the URL of Facebook. I talked about phishing attacks a while ago, or you'll be a fool too. When creating a login or account, work by typing the URL
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