Protection Status What is iP Address? What does it do? How to view IP address?

What is iP Address? What does it do? How to view IP address?

 What is ip Address?

iP Address or Internet Protocol Address is a special number. Which is assigned to each device connected to the network. Those who use Internet Protocol for communication. Each IP Address is Unique. When you are using a specific IP Address. Then no one else is likely to use it. Network users are identified by the iP Address. You are receiving Internet service from the Internet Service Provider. They can identify you differently through this IPAddress

What is the function of iP Address?

iP Address basically has two functions.

Host or Network Interface Identification. So that you can complete your desired communication properly.

Find the location of the network user.

Each IP Address points to a specific location. So from where you are using the network it is known through IPAddress. IP Adderss Gula is a binary number, but for the convenience of disclosure, these are expressed with human readable code (letters or numbers).

This IP address is a very important thing for hackers. Since the location of the network user is known through IPAddress. So it is very important for a hacker to hide his IP address. Otherwise, there is a chance that the location of the hacker will be leaked

How to view your own IP address?

First type Start-> Run-> cmd in the blank field. Press Enter from the keyboard. You will see a command area. Type netstat সেখানেn and press Enter. A list will appear in front of you. Notice the local address. The first one that comes up is your IP address.


Rule 2: Enter in the address bar of your browser

A website will open. There you will see your current IP in capital letters. ‘Remember the list below. It will be useful later.

ftp —-> 21smtp—> 25dns —-> 53http> 80https 81- 81pop3-> 110telnet—> 23

The numbers are part numbers. This will be discussed later.

Rules for finding the IP of a website:

If you want to hack a website or a person's account or his PC, the first thing you need to do is collect his IP address. Can you e-mail her until you can find out her IP address? Now I am showing you which way. Find out the IP address of the website.

First type Start-> Run-> cmd in the blank field then press Enter from the keyboard. You will see a single command area. Type there tracert websitename and press Enter. Now some information will come in front of you automatically. You will see some blue writing there. You will see your desired IP address there. You will see IPT in the first line of blue text. In this way you will see 30 hoops with the second line

Hoop's explanation:

When you try to access a website, you automatically send some information to that website. In response to which the website also sends you some information. As a result, you get to see the website survive. This process continues. Suppose you type in the command area. tracert nude

This information package will then go to Google's server (where the information is stored). Google will also send you a reply. Since Google is a big site, it has a lot of servers. So the responses come from all these servers. Now you notice in your command area that there are about 30 IP hoops. This means that Google is sending you information from all its servers. You can see the IP hoops of those servers.

In the command area you will see some * type symbols. This means that a firewall has been set up at Sesthan Gula. So that no one can attack easily.
There are many people who think that no high-powered touch is known from the internet. In fact, it is a misconception. Suppose many people on the Internet pay a premium account for Hotfile or Rapidshare. Wherever you benefit. But the problem is you don't know where this account is from? You can know this information if you want. When you enter nslookup against a website in the command area, you may find that you are now authenticated to this route. If you see any such writing, you will understand that the website has sensitive information. You can use the following website to know more about that 18 3099TRT sa With the name of the website you can know its IP, location, owner name, when it was purchased, how long it is valid, number of daily visitors, name server etc. You can. Gathering information is the primary job of a hacker. There is nothing you can do without it.


Stay well, stay healthy.

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