Protection Status WhisperGate Malware!

WhisperGate Malware!

 WhisperGate Malware!

A destructive malware intended to destroy computer systems in Ukraine. A new data-wiper malware was spotted last week and is widely affecting computer machines in Ukraine.

As Russia-Ukraine military tensions escalate, more and more cyber attacks are being organized against Ukrainian cyberspace.

Apart from attacks on government websites, data leaks, etc., malware (data-wiper) has been completely spread by cyber criminals.

The code of conduct for the whisperGate malware confirms that they are not making any financial gain by spreading this malware.

At first glance, it seems that the group that created the WhisperGate malware was only created to do as much damage as possible to weaken Ukraine by disrupting Ukrainian activities.

In the next post we will discuss how WhisperGate Malware works
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